Saturday, April 21, 2012


The music starts, it is soft and sweet, the connection between to two singers, obvious, and touching.  We want in, we want more.

Why do we love harmonious melodies so very much?

Showing us the possibility, of having two very different notes, contrasting elements cooperating, together: they create a enchanting unit.  

We swoon, we feel, we long, we are sold.  We want one, to enter, to be where it is.

Live in harmony with one another, Paul says to the Romans.  He touches on a key point.  One we all want to know, to experience ourselves, preferably daily.

And in marriage, in a family, it happens something like this: 

boy meets girl, girl likes boy, boy woos girl, girl receives boy, boy proposes a future, girl runs toward it, boy protects girl, girl supports boy, passion ensues, children come, responsibilities build – and burdens.  There are many days when boy and girl feel so far away from each other, from their center.  And then they hear it again, their harmony, and they sing their notes, and they sing them loud and pure.

It comes, when we realize, harmony is the completion. Intricate combinations of completely differing pitches sounding simultaneously together, create a union.

It is said that the band “The Civil Wars” has amazing harmony, almost perfect harmony. 

Some have assumed them married, their obvious ability to dance, with music, so dear and connective. 

And yet they aren’t, married that is.

But we see it. The way they harmonize.  It reminds us of something, something we are all trying to do:

In our marriages
In our homes
With our children
With our friends
And most honestly,

With our Lord.

Paul tells the Colossians, And above all these put on love, which binds everything together in perfect harmony.”

Would that we sought perfect harmony much more, that we were listening to the other, that we were listening for their notes, their tones, their pauses, their words, their hopes.  

Can we rise to meet our relations, our Lord, our Husband, our children, with harmony?  Can we perfect harmony in our own lives?

Love, my friend, love.  Remember, be reminded, play your part  in your sweet music that is this life. 

The music you create, depends so much on your ability to sing with: with Him.  

May our homes, our lives, our relations be beautiful examples of concord, agreement- harmony.


Allison Hughes said...

Oooo...I like this one! What a beautiful picture of the way it's supposed to work! This is lovely, MR! It's even written like a song, flowing beautifully!


Thankful said...

thanks Allie~